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Vinyl window signs are an excellent way to market your business. Whether they are window graphics for storefronts or restaurant window stickers, they can be used to entice customers inside your premises, as well as to promote products and advertise your name or brand. If you’re new to vinyl window signs, let’s look at some important things to consider before creating your design.

Inside or outside?

Many people are worried about the vinyl graphics getting damaged, so they put them on the inside of the glass. However, in reality, this rarely happens. Vinyl graphics actually look better on the outside as the colours are more vivid, making any lettering easier to read. Also, vinyl is weatherproof and waterproof, so cleaning windows is no problem.

Which colours should you use?

The colour of the lettering depends on what kind of impact you want to make. Just bear in mind that black doesn’t work well from a distance as the impact is neutralised by whatever is inside the premises. You might also want to consider the hidden psychology behinds colours. For example, red is great for creating a sense of urgency that benefits Sales and Promotions. Blue, meanwhile, creates a sense of relaxation while green reflects nature, environment, security and stability.

What about the copy length?

In a world of information overload, you reasonably only have a split second to get a potential customer’s attention. So keep the copy short and simple. Generally use words or phrases that are accessible to all, unless you’re looking to attract a specific niche client who will understand your “insider” terminology.

Font sizes and styles

Any copy needs to be easy to read form a reasonable distance, so font size should reflect this. TO make it easier to read, use different font styles to break up the text and make it more attractive and interesting to the wandering eye.

What type of vinyl film?

Vinyl films are mostly available in gloss or matte finish. Both are fine to use, but bear in mind that a matte finish used on the inside of the window will end up looking glossy anyway, due to the shiny glass. You can also create an edge to your display by using translucent or transparent colours. And if you want to get even more funky, consider frosted, stencil, reflective or metallic vinyl lettering, as well as others.

WOW Signs and Graphics can help!

Whatever your business premises are, WOW Signs and Graphics can help you with your window vinyl displays and signs in Glasgow and throughout the surrounding area. Call us to find out more.