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Whether it be window signs on the front of your business premises or display stands at a convention, promoting your business is easy and versatile. Yet many people forget about creating and placing signs when starting up or maintaining their business. Well, no more. Read on to learn about what you should be keeping in mind when thinking about creating your company signage.


When creating signage for your business, one of the initial aspects to consider is what you actually want on on the banner. Do you want just words, or your company logo too? You ideally want signs that look clean and simple so, if your logo is cluttered or complicated, maybe give it a miss.


Colour is important. For example, it can portray the ethos and tone of your company. If you’re marketing a nursery, perhaps use bright primary colours. However, if your business is strictly corporate, maybe neutral and darker tones would suit it better. When using a range of colours, always bear in mind the basics of the colour theory.


Like colour, the choice of font can massively spill the beans on what your company is about. However, when choosing a font, you’ve got to also remember that the font must be legible both up close and from a distance. Unless you have a dream font in mind that you think would be perfect, it’s probably best to stick to the staple fonts – they became popular for a reason, after all.


You need to use the space on your sign well. When placing all of the different elements, remember to think about how they all work in harmony with one another – is the logo suffocating the text? Or is the text isolated and hanging in a corner where people can’t see it? Often, bad signs will be bad because they look hastily put together, so be sure to take the time to play around with spacing and placement.

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